Japanese Consultation

Bespoke Kanji name for your non-Japanese name

Would you like to convert your name into Japanese kanji? Then it is our job to help you. Your name in Japanese kanji look so cool. This may be one of the best solutions as a gift.

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What are we going to do for you?

For non-Japanese names, your name is phonetically converted into Japanese kanji letters or Katakana. For example, an image shown below (Dinesh; Example 1) can be a good candidate of his name, meaning 'his name has good sounds. Dinesh can also be written by Katakana (Example 2). Katakana is often used to represent sounds for words originated from foreign language.

Name Dinesh

What are included in our service?

You can find this information in the Final Content section.

Kanji practice for your name

One of our unique services is that we provide Kanji stroke orders for each Kanji used in your name. With the stroke orders, a space to trace and practise Kanji is also provided. You will be able to write your name in Kanji yourself correctly after this practice.

We will make our best effort. If you would like to order us, please go to the Order site. You can also find more details of how to order us in the How to make an order section.

Why are we here for you?

Some other websites translate your name in Japanese automatically, but such websites only suggest some common names and do not select letters to create good meanings. Popular names such as John can be also found with several different candidates if you Google it. However, not everyone has such a common name - the example shown above was a Mauritian name "Dinesh". It is almost impossible to find a place translating such name. Don't worry! As long as we can spell your name phonetically, it is possible to change your name to Japanese Kanji. All your names including your sir and given names can be converted and designed into Japanese according to their phonetics.

One Kanji has several different meanings. When several different Kanji are connected to create one word, the word may express misfortune. As such websites select Kanji based on only their sounds and pronunciations, this problem cannot be avoided. We will be able to suggest some reliable and best letters to translate your name in Japanese characters by best of our knowledge.