Japanese Consultation

Any difference?: Our services and Free translation

If you search, you will be able to find translation services in free of charge. Then why does Name Japanese exist? Why are our services so unique?

Bespoke Kanji names for your non-Japanese names

In this service, we select Kanji with good meanings to create your name. When this is done, your gender is considered to select appropriate Kanji if you prefer as some Kanji are appropriate for certain genders. However, free translation websites tend to ignore this.

In addition, each Japanese Kanji has multiple meanings and readings. Free translation websites select Kanji based on only sounds but without any meaning. Will you be happy if your name is created by Kanji with "funny" meanings? We are here to avoid your "unhappiness".

Examples of some kanji names

One of our unique services is that we provide Kanji stroke orders for each Kanji used in your name. After you make an order to us, you will be able to write your name in Japanese Kanji yourself correctly.

Bespoke Kanji tattoos, Wordsmithing of copy editing and Proofreading

a thinking person between two words for free

If you would like to translate "free" into Japanese, the free translation shows two different meanings: either "freedom" or "free of charge". You may find it difficult to choose an appropriate meaning without any help. In order to avoid your mistake, we are here to help you.

When you write something in Japanese, you may find the same problems - a wrong word choice. In addition, Japanese syntax is completely different compared to English. Japanese word order in the sentence is flexible and a subject is often omitted. The word order can be changed by writer's sensibilities. However, automated translations in free websites cannot follow different nuance and people's mind.

Name Japanese can also check any type of document written in Japanese for proofreading. Then your writing will be perfect.