Japanese Consultation

Bespoke Kanji Tattoos

If you are planning to tattoo in your body, then it is our job to help you. When you would like to put a tattoo using Japanese Kanji, we can suggest the best ones to use. Using Japanese Kanji as a tattoo looks so cool!

If you prefer putting your name as a Tattoo, please go to Bespoke Kanji names section. It explains how we can help for your name.

If you know about our service and make an order imediately, please order us from here.

What are we going to do for you?

Our main services are:
1)To check whether Japanese letters, words, phrases or expressions of your interests are accurate
2) To provide meanings of Kanji selected by you from our Kanji list.

An example of a bad tattoo

For the first service, you can send us any Japanese to check. Please use this service before it becomes too late.

For your selection of Kanji, you can select one of your favourite shape of Kanji from our Kanji list. We can tell you the meanings and sounds of Kanji in order not to present funny meanings or wrong Kanji as a part of designs in your body. We can help you avoid embarrassment.

We will make our best effort. If you would like to order us, please go to the Order site.

Why are we here?

These days, Kanji have been very popular as a part of Tattoos. Many celebrities have Kanji as tattoos in their body - usually their favourite words. Many non-Japanese people are mostly ineterested in Japanese Kanji as "pictures" rather than "letters". It is a good idea to use Japanese Kanji as a unique picture for your tattoo. However, Japanese Kanji express both sounds and meanings.

For example, a Kanji shown below (Example 1) carries a meaning "beauty" and another Kanji (Example 2) has a meaning "wisdom". If you use these two Kanji together (Example 3) as a tattoo on you, it seems perfect as a meaning. However, when you focus on the sounds of both kanji, the Example 1 has a sound of [bi] and the Example 2 has a sound of [chi]. If you put these Kanji together like Example 3, we pronouce [bichi] which is very close to an English word "bitch". Would you still like to use these two Kanji together on your body as a tattoo?

Kanji Bichi

As you can see in the examples, each Kanji has a meaning but if two or more particular Kanji are together, these create a different word. In some cases, both meanings and sounds are changed when creating a word. Some Kanji also have a meaning related to masculine and feminine.

Therefore, it is better to ask us to confirm whether your selection or combinations of Kanji and words are good or bad to use before you tattoo them in your body.