Japanese Consultation

A price list and payment

Each service provided by Name Japanese has different price lists. In this page, you can check how much it costs you for each service. If you are not sure, please contact us by email (enquiry@namejapanese.com) or through the enquiry form. Please also check our Frequently Asked Questions before contacting us.

All prices are written in GBP (Great Britain Pounds; pound sterling; £) as we are a UK-based service provider. When you make a payment to us, the price will be automatically converted into a currency unit of your direct debit, credit or debit card according to th exchange rate set by PayPal.

Please select one you would like to find out the price. If you click, the page automatically jumps to the section.

Bespoke Kanji names

In this service, converting your name phonetically into Katakana or Kanji is charged. We charge £5 to convert your name phonetically into Katakana. Each name costs you this price individually. A price list for converting your name phonetically into Kanji is following:

One name in Kanji One name in Katakana Stroke order of Katakana Readings in Roman script Meanings of Kanji Stroke order of Kanji Orientations of letters Price (£)

(Content included in the price is marked "X" on the table.)

As a part of the content, with correct strokes of Japanese letters, letters with grey colour and empty boxes are provided. If you follow the provided stroke order of Katakana or Kanji, you will be able to trace the letters with grey colour and practise your writing in the empty boxes. Please make this an opportunity to practise writings in Japanese.

Bespoke Kanji tattoos

For the Service "Your Tattoo", the price is listed on the following table.

One Kanji only One word only consisted of Kanji Two Kanji separately Readings in Roman script Meanings of Kanji or words Orientations of letter or letters Price (£)
XXXX3 + *

(*: The price depends on how many Kanji are used for the word or expression you order.)

Other than the listed serivces, we also charge for the following services in a different way:

  1. From £10: Translating your favourite words, phrases, or expressions into Japanese. You can choose the size of Japanese letters and a format (either a vertical or a horizontal manner). Readings with Roman-script are included in the final content.

  2. £5: Explaining meanings and readings of one Kanji you selected from the attached Kanji list (Set a link to the list). If you are not happy about your selection after our consultation, we will give you a second opportunity to select another Kanji. This second opportunity is included in the price.

  3. £10: Consult whether Japanese letters, words, phrases or expressions you are planning to use for your tattoo are accurate.

If you would like to know what information is included in the final content, please go to our Final Content page.

After you have a second opportunity to select one kanji, no more chance will be given to you although you are not happy with meanings again. You must make a new order if you are not still happy following the second chance.

Proofreadings of documents written in Japanese

The price depends on the length of your document. Please check a word count on the Microsoft Word and see the number of Japanese letters in your document. An average price is £0.07 per one Japanese letter. If your document becomes longer, this "per letter" price becomes cheaper.

Prices can be different in individual cases. Before you make an order, please negotiate us by email (enquiry@namejapanese.com) or through the enquiry form.

However, CVs (Curriculum Vitae) are slightly different. Proofreading your CV (2 pages of A4 size) is £20 - £25. You may need to send us both your original English CV and translated CV.

All other services including retails

Please contact us and discuss in advance. It is negotiable.


After you make an order, an invoice is sent to you by email by Name Japanese. Please make your payment through PayPal. You do not have to register with PayPal to make a payment to us. If you would like to use another way to pay, please contact us before making any order.

Return policy

Due to the format of Content and Services provided by Name Japanese, we do not issue refunds once the order is accomplished and the final Content or the product is provided to you. Especially we do not bear any responsibility for any refund / return / exchange requests based on the level of your satisfaction for the Content or Service with Name Japanese. However, exceptional circumstance can take place with regard to technical issues. In such circumstance, you may get the refund. The cases are:

  1. A file(s) containing the Content were not delivered to your email due to some mailing issues of your email provider or your own mail server.

  2. You could not access or download the files containing the Content due to downloading and unzipping issues.

  3. Although all files containing the Content are tested before release, unexpected errors or major deficits may occur to the files.

As soon as you know such issues, please claim them either through the enquiry form or by sending an email to enquiry@namejapanese.com.

Name Japanese will refund the fee actually paid by you for the Content provided. No compensational fee will be added.

If there are errors on the Content provided by Name Japanese, these errors will be corrected under a responsibility of Name Japanese and new files containing the corrected Content will be sent to the customers by email. However, this is not going to be a case of refund.