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The procedures

  1. Please fill in the order form. If your original name does not consist of alphabets, please change your name to alphabets.

  2. Once your order is accepted, you will receive an order confirmation and an invoice by email.

  3. From the invoice, you can make a payment directly through the Paypal.

  4. Once your payment is completed, your order will be processed. We require some working days (usually a week) to create one for you.

  5. A final version will be sent to you by email as a PDF file. If you would like to have it in other format (eg. JPEG), please discuss it in your order.

An example of a final content sent to you is found here (a PDF file).

It is not your obligation to select phonetic symbols for your name. If you are not sure, please leave it empty. However, we may call you to confirm how your name is pronounced.

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Please write a name you order and select international phonetic alphabets that correspond to the name. Some examples of pronunciations are shown below.

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International phonetic alphabet selections for your name:

cup, luck, up
arm, father, barn
cat, black, flagellate
met, bed, pet
away, cinema, dictator
turn, learn, herbal
hit, sitting, six
see, heat, evil
hot, rock
call, four, awesome
put, could, wood, whoops
blue, food, you, moody
five, eye, I
now, out, ow, spout
say, eight, alien
go, home
boy, join, oil
where, air, wary
near, here, ear, happier
pure, tourist, tour, demur
bad, lab, baby, bonanza
did, lady, dilettante
find, if, fish, fife
give, flag, gift, glimmer
how, hello
yes, yellow, younger
cat, back, capitulate
leg, little
man, lemon, manipulate
no, ten, notorious
sing, finger
pet, map, peculiar
red, try, resistance
sun, miss, sucker
she, crash, splash
tea, getting, telemetry
check, church, chess, childish
think, both, theory
this, mother, themselves
voice, five, vex
wet, window, we
zoo, lazy, sneeze
pleasure, vision, measured
just, large, gym

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Service 3XXXXXXX

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