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The procedures

  1. Please fill in the order form. Depending on what service you would like to order, you need to provide us different information. Please provide the information as instructed.

    • When you have your favourite words that must be translated, it must be written in English. Then please upload your own file containing the words.

    • You can select one Kanji from our Kanji list.

    • If you have already found Kanji, words or expressions of your interests, we can advise you whether your choice is accurate for your belief. Please upload your own file.

  2. Once your order is accepted, you will receive your order confirmation and an invoice by email.

  3. From the invoice, please make a payment directly through the PayPal.

  4. Once your payment completed, your order will be processed. We require some working days (usually 7 business working days) to create one for you.

  5. A final version will be sent to you by email as a PDF file. If you would like to have it in other format (eg. JPEG), please discuss it in your order. If you need a bigger version of Kanji to look at their details carefully, please let us know. We will also be able to expand them in the final PDF file.

An example of a final content sent to you is found here (a PDF file).

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Your order will not be processed until your payment is completed.

Please fill in the following order form to make an order. If you would like to use your name written in Japanese kanji for your tattoo, please fill in the "Bespoke Kanji names" order form.

You can either submit your own file to confirm meanings of Japanese letters / words / phrases / sentences or select one Japanese kanji to confirm its meaning.

Only one service can be ordered in one order form. If you provide both your own file and a Kanji selection in one form, you will be charged for two services.

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Your selection of Jyooyoo kanji

Please select one Jyooyoo kanji of your favourite shapes from a Kanji list and write its number on the form. The number is found on top of each kanji. The list is found from here: Japanese kanji list.There are 2136 kanji on the list.

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Submitting your order

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