Japanese Consultation

How to make an order through our website

In this page we explain how to make an order to Name Japanese through this website.

You can order us from here. In this page, please select one service you would like to order correctly as different information must be provided for each service.

Submitting your order means that you have accepted our User Agreement. Please read our User Agreement and Privacy Policy carefuly before completing your order. Once your order is submitted, an invoice is sent to you by an email. Please make a payment through the Paypal systems. Your order will not be processed unless completion of your payment is confirmed.

Your personal information

Personal Information

In this personal information section, all order forms ask you the same information. In addition, for Wordsmithing services, your company/organization information is also asked.

A mark "* required" means that these sections must be filled in. Otherwise, the order form cannot be submitted. You do not have to fill in the section if without this mark. Your gender will be helpful for us to know when Japanese kanji are selected for your name, for example. However, it is not your obligation to provide it.

Selection of phonetic symbols for your name

A table of phonetic symbols

To design your non-Japanese name into Japanese Kanji, it is important to know how your name is pronounced. Please select phonetic symbols that correspond to your name. You can select them by clicking grey buttons for each symbol. Examples of pronounciations for each symbol are also listed. For examples, a name "John" becomes "ʤŋn".

Uploading your file

Uploading your file

You can upload your own file into the website if you have something that is consulted Japanese or for proofreading. A file format that can be uploaded is: DOC, DOCX, GIF, JPG, JPEG, LZH, PDF, PNG, PPT, PPTX, TXT, XLS, XLSX, ZIP. If your file size is big, please convert your file into a LZH or ZIP format and upload. For proofreading, a format of Microsoft Office (eg. Word) is preferred. Your uploaded file will be saved and stored under a responsibility of Name Japanese. One month after completion date of your order, your file will be deleted from our data unless an agreement for an extended period is made between you and Name Japanese.

Selection of Kanji to use in your tattoo

Selecting Japanese Kanji

Please select one kanji from our Kanji list found here and provide us a number on top of kanji. We can confirm meanings of each Kanji. If you don't like the meaning for the first choice, you are given a second opportunity to select one more kanji. These two opportunitied are included in our price.

Your comments / descriptions

Space for your comments

If there are any other information that we should know, please write them in this section. For wordsmithing services, please explain details in this section.

After your order is accepted

Once your payment is completed, your order is processed by Name Japanese. Normally, it takes 3-7 business working days to process your order. If it takes longer than this period, we will contact you in advance before your payment is made. A final content will be sent to you by email. You can download the final content to your hard drive. Some of the examples for the final content are found here.

If you do not hear anything from us 7 days after your payment, please contact us.