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Frequently Asked Questions

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Our services

Q) I am not sure which service is a correct one to use.

There are four different categories: your name, your tattoo, retails and consultations of documents written in Japanese. What Name Japanese does for each service is written below. If you are not sure which fits the best for you, you can always contact us.

Bespoke Kanji names: In this service, we convert your non-Japanese name phonetically into Japanese Kanji. The best phonetics and meanings of Kanji that fit with your name are selected by us.

Bespoke Kanji tattoos: Our main works in this service are 1) to translate letters, words, phrases or expressions of your interests into Japanese, 2) to suggest appropriate meanings of Japanese letters, words, phrases or expressions that may fit well as a part of your tattoos, 3) to provide meanings of Kanji you selected from our own Kanji list (the Kanji list is found here), and 4) to consult whether Japanese letters, words, phrases or expressions that are planned to use in your tattoos are accurate. This service expects to be used for your tattoos, but you can always use this service for other purposes if it fits.

Wordsmithing of copy-editing: This service is prepared especially for customers who would like to use Japanese language as a part of your advertisement, materials, products, services or shops in your personal use or in a small or large business. We consult and copy-edit whether Japanese letters, words, phrases, expressions or images of your interests are accurate and do not discriminate Japanese cultures, manners or superstitions.

Proofreading of documents written in Japanese: This service is to proofread whether any document written in Japanese is written in accurate Japanese language and manners. We will add amendments and comments on your document. Please use them to complete your document and improve your Japanese writing skills.

Q) What is a difference between your service and free translation?

You may find free websites that translate sentences or design your name into Japanese Kanji if you search. These websites provide direct translations or select Kanji based on only sounds. However, some English words can be translated into several different meanings in Japanese. This makes non-native people very difficult to choose an appropriate meaning without help. In addition, meanings of Kanji are often ignored and your name is designed with funny meanings that embarrass you. We are here to help you to avoid these problems.

One of our unique services is to provide Kanji stroke orders for each Kanji if you order your Kanji name. After you make an order to us, you will be able to write your name in Japanese Kanji yourself.

Making and processing your order

Q) How do I make an order?

Please fill in our order form. Our order form is found from the following page (http://www.namejapanese.com/Orders.html). Each service has a different format. Please select one that fits with what you need.

Q) I do not want to tell you my gender.

You do not have to tell us your gender. Some of Kanji are very specific to different genders. For “Bespoke Kanji names” order, these Kanji will be just avoided when we design your name, if your gender is not provided.

Q) Why do I select phonetic symbols for my name?

To convert non-Japanese names into Japanese Kanji, we would like to know phonetics of your name as each Japanese Kanji has different readings. The easiest way to know is to express your name in phonetic symbols. In our order form, the phonetic symbols are based on the International Phonetic Alphabets (http://www.langsci.ucl.ac.uk/ipa/). Please select the closest ones that express your name. You can ignore accents in your language. They do not affect to our service.

If you would like to know more about Japanese as a language, please also look at our About Japanese page.

Q) It is very difficult to choose phonetic symbols for my name. Do I really have to do this for my order?

Our answer for this question is “NO”. Please leave the space empty if you are not sure. We may call you to find out pronunciations of your name though.

Q) Where does your own Kanji list come from?

Our Kanji list contains 2136 Kanji called Jyooyoo Kanji. Jyooyoo Kanji are a list of the Kanji regularly used in everyday life. They are officially announced by the Japanese Ministry of Education. They are regularly revised and reissued according to our living styles and use in everyday life. The most recent ones were issued in 2010. This is a minimum number of Kanji we must know to be able to read Japanese newspapers.

Q) What types of files can be uploaded to your order form?

For your order, you can upload the following files: Word document (all versions), GIF, JPG, JPEG, LZH, PDF, PNG, PowerPoint presentations (all versions), Excel files (all versions) and ZIP. If you would like to provide us your file in other format than the ones listed here, please contact us before making an order.

Q) How long does it take to receive final content for my order?

We aim to send you an invoice within three days after you make an order. Your order will not be processed until payment is completed. Then, your order will be processed within 7 business working days after you make a payment. If it takes longer than 7 business working days, you will be contacted by Name Japanese before your order is processed.

Prices and payment

Q) Where can I find a price for your service?

Our prices are all listed in the Prices & Payment page. If you are not sure a price for what you order, please contact us before making an order. We will be able to advise it.

Q) How can I make a payment?

You make a payment through PayPal service. We do not normally accept other ways of payment. However, if you belong to a company / an organization and must pay by other methods (e.g. Cheque) due to accounting reasons, please contact us in advance before making an order.

Q) I do not have my own PayPal account.

You do not have to hold your own PayPal account to make a payment to Name Japanese. You can input your card details directly on the PayPal website when you make a payment. Name Japanese has no access to your card details through PayPal.

Final Content

Q) What information is included in my final content?

What information is included in your final content is found in the Final Content page. In this page you can also find some examples of final content. Content are constructed to help you practise and write Japanese yourself as well as to prevent mistakes when you or a third party use them.

Q) What is the Roman script (Roma-ji) used in my final content?

When readings are provided to your name or Japanese letters, words, phrases or expressions you ordered, the Roman script called Roma-ji is used. There are several different types of Roma-ji. The script used in the Name Japanese services is neither Hepburn Romanization, Kunrei-shiki Roma-ji nor Nihon-shiki Roma-ji. Name Japanese uses a mixture of different ones as this makes easier for non-Japanese people to pronounce Japanese. A list of Roma-ji Name Japanese uses is found in our “About Japanese”page.

Q) It does not seem that Kanji and Roma-ji in my final content exactly present how my name is pronounced.

Phonetics are different between Japanese and other languages, so your name cannot be always converted into exactly how your name is pronounced in your language. However, Name Japanese will make the best effort and select the closest ones. In addition, it is important to note that your name cannot be always converted into a particular number of Kanji or cannot include your favourite shapes of Kanji as you hope.

Q) I would like to receive my final content in other format than a PDF file.

We normally provide your final content in a PDF file. A JPEG is another file format Name Japanese can send you. We do not use a Word document for “Bespoke Kanji names” and “Bespoke Kanji Tattoos” services. For proofreading of documents written in Japanese, we will send you back your corrected documents by a PDF file. If you need other format than this, you must contact us before making an order.

Use of our services

Q) May I give my final content to my friend as a gift?

Yes, you can. This is a part of permitted uses.

Q) May I sell my final content with some of my own materials?

No. This is a part of prohibited uses.

Q) I would like to photocopy my final content and use as a part of my teaching materials.

Please contact Name Japanese and make an agreement between you and Name Japanese, before reproducing your final content.

Errors and refunds

Q) I did not like the Kanji used for my final content. Can I have my money back?

No. Name Japanese does not accept any exchange/refund/return requests based on the level of your satisfaction for the content or services provided by us.

Q) I found some mistakes in my final content. Can I have my money back?

No. If you find some errors in your content, please contact Name Japanese as soon as possible. The errors will be corrected by under a responsibility of Name Japanese and a new file will be sent to you again. However, this is not going to be a case of refund.

Q) I do not think I received my final content in my email account.

Our email may be filtered and sent to your Junk mail folder. Please change your setting if this is the case. If not, please contact Name Japanese as soon as possible. We will re-send your final content to you. If this is due to failure of your mail server, please send us evidence. This can be a case of refund.