Japanese Consultation

Proofreading documents written in Japanese

For those of who have to write something in Japanese but are not confident enough to show your document to someone else, please use us to step up your writing skills. Name Japanese can advise and provide help to improve your Japanese writing skills. Dr. Noriko Hikima makes corrections of writing styles as well as proofreading of Japanese grammar, kanji and appropriate word choices.

If you need some advice before start writing up your document, please contact us by email or through the enquiry form.

If you are sure what help you need, please make an order now through the order page. If you are not sure how to make an order, please go to the How to order page.

An example of corrected document is found here.

Your written document can be any length - from one sentence to a number of pages. The most important thing is NOT making mistakes in your writings. Learning from your mistakes is the most important thing. We are here to help! Price is also listed here.

For job applicants and professionals

We proofread any document written in Japanese or help non-native people write a new document in Japanese. The document can be:

  1. Documents translated from English to Japanese
  2. Any emails, essays or presentations that are written in Japanese
  3. Your Curriculum Vitae (CV) or cover letter to translate into Japanese

For Japanese learners

Comparing four language skills (Listening, reading, speaking and writing skills) for acquiring Japanese, majority of learners' writing skill is lower than speaking, listening or reading skills. However, if you intend to work in Japan or would like to contact with native Japanese who do not understand English, writing in Japanese to contact with such people becomes very important skills. Please send us your written document, text or essays. Then Dr. Hikima will amend your writings and give you advice of how your writings should be altered to further develop your writing skills.