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What is Name Japanese?

Name Japanese was launched in January 2013 to help non-natives use Japanese in different occasions. Since launched, we have designed different non-native names to Japanese characteristics, tattoos and t-shirts printed Japanese. Our previous works can be found here. Based on our knowledge and experiences, we can offer:

Persons involved

Dr. Noriko Hikima (PhD Applied Linguistics (Second Language Acquisition), University of Greenwich, UK) is a native Japanese born in Kobe in Japan and a main person for Name Japanese. She currently lives in London and works as a Language Trainer at the Language Centre of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) and the Head of Japanese at the Marcus Evans Linguarama (www.linguarama.com). Her knowledge takes the centre of our works for consultation, designing and proofreading. She previously worked as a visiting lecturer of Japanese at the University of Greenwich and a teacher of Japanese at International Community School. She has been teaching Japanese for both native and non-native Japanese speakers for 9 years. Her students include the current British Ambassador and Deputy Ambassador to Japan. With her experiences, we will take your Japanese to a professional level and lead your name, tattoos, products and services to a level of "Japanese Arts". She is also one of the authors of an early learning pircture book called "We Are Bilinguals (Boku mo watashi mo bairingaru)". You can find the book from Amazon (ISBN4-88463-102-1; TAISEIDO).

Dr. Atsuko Hikima (PhD Pharmacology at King's College London, UK) is a native Japanese and a second main person for Name Japanese. She takes other parts of works to assist Noriko.

Our previous works

Here are some examples of our previous works.

a Japanese kanji name for a stamp

A kanji name designed. We designed the kanji name for a lady. She produced a stamp in Japan based on our design. Afterwards, she sent us an image of her stamp. It looks brilliant.

a welcome card for a hotel

An welcome card. This is an welcome card for Japanese guests at one of the famous hotels in London. We proofread the card before used at the hotel.

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